Crude Division

Sandersville, Jeffersonville, Andersonville

Our Crude Division operates a fleet of dump trucks and various heavy-duty equipment providing services to the kaolin companies located in middle and southwest Georgia.  Transporting   crude clay has been a core service provided by HSI for the first 30 years in business.  On any given day, our fleet of dump trucks are stretched across middle and southwest Georgia transporting kaolin from off road mine sites where it is dug from the earth to the kaolin companies for processing to be shipped by truck, rail, and ship to end users. 

Kaolin is one of Georgia’s largest natural resources. Kaolin’s economic impact is felt throughout the State of Georgia from the Port of Savannah to rural Middle Georgia. The state of Georgia leads the nation in clay production and is recognized as a world leader in the mining, production, processing, and application of kaolin products.
  • Includes heavy equipment operations
  • Terminals located in Sandersville,  Jeffersonville, and Andersonville, Georgia
  • Office, maintenance & fuel facilities at all three locations