Chemical Division

Sandersville, Augusta, Ellabell

The Chemical Division of Howard Sheppard, Inc. is responsible for providing transportation services for shipping liquid, dry bulk, bagged and general van commodities. Our services include local, regional, and over the road transportation. We understand each customer’s needs are different. That’s why our diversified trailer fleet consists of liquid tanks, pneumatic dry bulk tanks, vans, and flatbeds. Commodities commonly transported include kaolin (liquid, dry, and bagged) products, sodium silicate, chemicals, concrete beams/pilings, and dry van freight.

Each terminal is staffed with our well-trained and experienced personnel, who are responsible for the day-to-day management of the fleet and its operations.
Vehicles and drivers are dispatched by each terminal to which they are assigned. Strategically locating the outlying terminals in Sandersville, Augusta and Ellabell/Savannah provided HSI the ability to concentrate on niche regional markets that complement the kaolin industry while allowing expansion beyond the kaolin industry. We pride ourselves on finding the niche markets and providing excellent service.


Liquid Bulk

From hauling liquid fertilizer and clay slurry during the 1970’s, to currently transporting a wide range of industrial chemicals and clay slurries.

Fleet of stainless steel insulated chemical tank and acid tank trailers

Terminals strategically located providing short-haul and regional services in the Southeastern US for over 30 years

Limited national long haul services provided

Dispatch software integrated with in-cab communications for shipment tracking

Intermodal transload operations – rail, and ISO and bladder containers to tank truck

Specialize in niche markets developing solutions to customer needs

Dry Bulk

Dry bulk fleet handles clay, sand, and industrial chemicals

Fleet of pnuematic tanks from 1000 cube to 2100 cube tank trailers

Dedicated tank service available

Specialize in short-haul transportation of dry commodities

Specialize in niche markets developing solutions to customer needs

Specialized Flatbed

Transport concrete beams and pilings

Specialized expandable flatbeds for transporting beams up to 80 feet in length


Limited fleet of vans for short-haul and regional services

Transports various commodities dry in bags, supersac, drums, and IBC totes