Safety at Howard Sheppard Inc. is not just a priority; it’s a value. We are committed to health, safety and accident reduction.  To accomplish this goal, the safety program we developed includes:

  • Performing routine safety and health inspections to identify and eliminate safety related problems. This includes routine inspection of equipment to identify potential safety violations and to assure compliance with DOT regulations.
  • Safety and health training for all new and existing employees.
  • Accidents and incidents are thoroughly investigated to determine cause, preventability, correct the problem and reduce the likelihood of it occurring again.

Safety Training Program

Howard Sheppard Inc. has an ongoing training program. All new employees go through an orientation that covers all company policy and procedures and required safety training. In addition all newly hired drivers go through a driver specific orientation that includes; defensive driving, hours of service, vehicle inspections, and several other safety related topics.

Each division focuses on specific training such as hazmat training for the OTR division and MSHA training for the crude division.

Safety meetings are held on a quarterly basis with a new safety related topic covered each quarter.

Newsletters are distributed discussing safety and health related topics. Howard Sheppard Inc. has a progressive disciplinary policy in place to address safety and accident related violations. The primary purpose of our safety program is to reduce accidents and improve the overall safety.

The “Champions of Safety” Awards Program

This program rewards drivers on a quarterly basis for their efforts in reducing accidents, incidents, and DOT compliance violations. It rewards safe drivers for every 500,000 miles of safe driving for our over the road drivers and every 5 years for our local drivers. In addition, the program also has a monthly and yearly accident reduction goal program that rewards drivers for meeting that goal.

At the end of the year a “Safety Grand Champion” is recognized based on their overall efforts throughout the year to promote safety and reduce accidents.

Driver of the Year Program

The safety department is staffed with driver trainers, hazmat trainers, a log auditor and a OSHA & MSHA trainer to ensure that our drivers and employees receive the most up to date training and remain compliant with the regulations through out the year.